Customs Brokers


Customs Clearance: Import, Export and T2L (Payments to Tax Authority).

Customs Inspection Services: Soivre check, Border Health Controls, Animal Health Controls, Pharmaceuticals, Plant Health Controls.

Other services: Quotations for International Transport, EUR1, Official EORI, Rates/ Tariffs, Customs Advice, Fiscal Representative, e-Commerce Solutions.


Customs Clearance: Packages, Personal Effects, Car Imports.

Optional Services: PREMIUM Home Delivery; STANDARD Home Delivery; and Submission of Form 031 (Payment to Tax Authority).

Online Customs Broker

Through iCustoms 24 we manage the whole process of customs documentation and submissions pertaining to all Spanish Customs, for individuals as well as companies. We rely on a team of experienced and highly–qualified Customs Brokers. We will deliver to you all the necessary documentation either online or by post. Furthermore, we offer you a 24-hour telephone helpline, where your Customs Agent will resolve your queries or provide you specific advice on Customs Clearance.

Forget about cumbersome trips and let us manage your Customs Clearance. We are licensed by the Spanish Customs (holders of the OEA licence) and you can follow the status of your submission at any time, wherever you are.

We have our own agencies in Madrid and Barcelona and a network of highly-trained associates, from where we can submit all your requests. In addition, iCustoms24 is the online division of a multinational Spanish company, which is responsible for managing international transport requests received over the internet.

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